General Rules


1. Send your child to school in time & neat N clean school unifor
2. Send your child With proper lunch in the morning.
3. Ensure that your child has done his home work complete .
4. Mobiles phones are strictly not allowed in te school. In case of found in the premises of the school a penalty of Rs500/- wille be charged or the name of such candidate will be struck off form the roll of Re-Admiddion will not grant grant to such students.
5. Only gentleman behaviour is accepted.useless/uncultured argument/ behaviour will be meants a sbad mannne and liable to be penalized according to the system. Principal reserve all the rights in his regards in all respect & binding upon all.
6. Student should be polite with his/her classmate and respectful towards teachers .
7. Students is required to keep the school property neat & clean. Nobody is allowed to damage any kind of school property.
8. Ensure & see that the teachers have written certain remarks and iobservations.